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When I'm with her, everything is perfect, she's perfect. She's so beautiful and I'm so lucky to have her. I'll tell her she's beautiful everyday and I'll do my best to make her happy. She's so special to me and every moment I'm with her I'm happy. I'll do anything to see her smile and I'll never give her a reason to doubt my love because there is nothing that could ever get in the way of my feelings for her. Her name is Nicola and she's my lady. <3
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Hey I'm Alison! ^^ Just letting you know, I always follow back.

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kaizokumandy: Sending some love your way <3 hope you are ok 

<3 x

monumentaltruth: Vent to me all which ails you 

I’m all okay, but thank you! :D x

shocksthelightningalchemist: So you like Vocaloids judging from your photo Ali Chan? If so awesome! ^_^ 

Yes yes yes! :D x